Intelligent driver assistance systems of modern cars help to identify potential dangers in good time and to prevent accidents. Radar systems provide with cruise control and emergency breaking system for more safety in road traffic.

Modern windscreens hold besides intelligent systems for rain sensors, as well as light- and defogging sensors, heatable panes, antennas for radio and navigation systems and more components.

Many electronic driving aids obtain their information from a front camera, which is fitted in the windscreen. The camera system is responsible for the lane departure warning, traffic sigh recognition and thus for the presentation of information – for example over the Head-up-Display (HUD).

With an increasing number of intelligent components of modern windscreens the claim for professional execution raises. Not only systems for rain and light sensors must be adjusted again. For the car window montage it is indispensable to dismantle the camera system and the front camera and later it has to be calibrated precisely to ensure a 100% functioning of the diver assistance systems. We provide you this important service by means of the modern CSC Tools (Camera & Sensor Calibration Tool).