Onsite service

Simply give us a call then our installation team will set out. With our mobile technicians we are always there for you, quickly and reliable. We can do the stone chips repair or replacement of your car window either on-site or we collect your car and take it to the next fitting center – of course we will take it to you again.

For our on-site service we need either good weather or a roofed place. The car window replacement in the rain outdoors is not possible. That also applies for frost; in this case a garage would be optimal.

You don’t have to hand over your car personally – a person over the age of 18 years can hand over the keys to our technician. A.T. Iser shall not assume any liability for damages, which arise in the time, in which your car was in care of your representative.

Under the following link fitting centers you will find an overview about your next local fitting center.