Screen tinting

Do you know that, too? Your eyes get directed towards a car and at first, you don’t know why? Does this sound familiar to you? Sure, this is a phenomenon that is known to everyone and on second glace you know how it works – this car has an individual touch, something quiet special.

This “Aha” effect is attained for example with professional tinted windows. And this can be done totally according to your wishes. No matter whether in sporty black, in smoothing grey hues or the mirrored version: Our tinted films are always an eye-catcher and give your car a special touch. And as a pleasant side effect the tinted films are good for your health and save even more energy.

Our offering for you:

  • Individuality down to the smallest detail: With our color- stable films we can shape coloring and the degree of tint according to your individual request. Gladly, we provide information to you about the different kinds of our films.
  • No blisters, no scratches: We are experienced professionals in applying tinting films. We have the necessary experience and the necessary equipment to provide you a perfect result.
  • Protection of the skin: While many laminated glass windscreens filter out the UV rays completely, this often is not the case for the side and rear window. Those only filter the UV-B rays to avoid sunburns. The UV-A rays, which can cause skin tumors or skin cancer, often filter through the side and rear window. A tinted film can avoid this and above all protects children, who usually sit in the back of the car.
  • Less heat inside: The heating inside the car will be reduced for all passengers through the tinted film. Not at least, this also benefits potentially ride-on pets. Additionally, the load on the air conditioning system is reduced and this saves energy too.
  • Protection against solar radiation: Tinted films reduce dazzling through sunlight and provide a nearly hundred percent protection against UV rays for all passengers. As a result, you can see better and as well the interior fittings do not lose their color too quickly.
  • More security in the event of a broken windscreen: In case of an accident, tinted films offer further protection against injury caused by glass splinters flying around.

Many benefits as a result of a rather small change – and at the same time it looks great. Come to us – we advise you gladly and competently. Apart from Screen repair and replacement, the screen tinting with films is one of our special fields. For more than 25 years we have been offering the best quality and service – and for this we stand with our good name.